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What We Do

Negotiation Resources has a twenty-year track record of helping executives, managers, and sales teams negotiate more effectively.  Our enjoyable on-site training, consulting and speaking deliver improved communication, influence and negotiation skills.

Each of our clients has benefited from one or more of the offerings below:

  • Negotiation Training for Business Professionals

    Mastering persuasion and influence is a critical skill for business leaders.  Without it, good ideas and good people often don’t get the support they need and key people struggle to meet important corporate goals.  We help our clients master the art of persuasion.

  • Negotiation Training for Sales Professionals

    You don't have a choice as to whether or not your people negotiate – only whether they do it well, or poorly. Your team’s negotiation skills determine whether or not your company leaves profits on the table.  We teach sales teams to sell more business, at higher margins with our simple but effective approach.  We deliver the finest on-site negotiation training anywhere for sales professionals!

  • Consulting

    In addition to on-site training, we advise many of our clients on high-value negotiations.  We combine our negotiation expertise with your knowledge of the situation to carefully prepare and successfully implement a winning negotiation strategy.

  • Speaking

    For keynote speeches or breakout sessions, Founder & CEO Bob Gibson is a skilled and engaging speaker who provides a combination of solid content and interactive entertainment.